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Where to Swim in the Hamptons this Winter

Just because it’s winter in the Hamptons doesn’t mean there’s no access to water! Whether it’s indoor pools, float spas, or open water cold plunges the Hamptons is full of valuable aquatic experiences to boost your physical and mental health this winter.


If you’re looking for pools to practice swimming for your recreational or athletic goals the East Hampton YMCA is open year round.

Gurney’s Seawater Spa offers a one-of-a-kind, 30,000 sq. ft salt pool and AIRE Ancient Baths. With overlooking views of the ocean and serene aquatic experiences you can escape from winter in the Hamptons most prestigious hotels in montauk.

Live closer to Westhampton or Hampton Bays? The Suffolk County Community is the East End’s largest indoor pool and heated aquatic facility. Their 25-yard indoor pool is perfect for swimmers looking for training.


Interested in recharging your mind, body, and soul with flotation therapy? Hamptons Float offers an incredible way to boost your health and well being by limiting sensory inputs achieved through their state of the art isolation tanks with medical grade epsom salt.

The Recovery Lounge offers premier hot & cold therapy for anyone interested in health benefits. Their cold water immersion tubs incorporate the Nordic Method to help stimulate the mind and body for stronger health and wellness.


Even though it’s winter that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the Hamptons' unlimited supply of beaches and open water! If you speak with any open-water swimmer they will rave about the copious benefits that come along with an icy plunge. Some benefits include reduced stress, enhanced mood, better sleep, and boosted immune system. Knowing the benefits is almost as important as knowing the risks. Knowing how to safely open water swim during the winter is crucial when beginning your cold water swimming journey!


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