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Confident Swimmers Make for Confident Kids

Learning to swim at any age can be empowering. At Hamptons Swim, our goal is to teach kids through swim lessons how to build confidence, become decision makers, and strive towards their goals. Swimming teaches kids that working hard to achieve various physical and mental challenges can lead to success. Here are some examples of how swimming can increase a child’s confidence in and outside the water.


For most children, taking swim lessons can enhance self confidence and individuality. When learning how to swim, you have to rely on your own abilities to achieve success. As swim instructors, we are able to support and empower our students until they learn to trust and believe in themselves. Trying new things and overcoming obstacles helps kids feel more confident in themselves and their abilities!

Decision Makers

Swimming is a survival skill and therefore presents many challenges for kids to overcome. When swimming, choices need to be made quickly and with educated instincts to escape an emergency situation. Learning how to make decisions under pressure in the water helps children become complex problem solvers in their everyday lives. At Hamptons Swim, we are always teaching kids the importance of knowing safety techniques and all the options they have when swimming.

Achieving Goals

Even though everyone learns at their own pace, when a child begins learning how to swim they can achieve success in just a few lessons. Instructors at Hamptons Swim continually praise their students for small improvements, which makes them motivated to reach their goals. Teaching children how to set realistic goals can help them in their personal lives and at school. Once a child feels empowered after achieving their swimming goals, they can channel that self-discipline in their academic goals as well. Learning how to swim is not just a necessary life skill because of its safety, it is a fun way to teach children about determination and believing that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.

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