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  • Liz

Why Our Community Needs a Public Pool

Those who don’t live in the Hamptons year-round would be surprised to know that Southampton doesn’t have a community pool. With the only public pool out east being the YMCA in East Hampton, the community is deprived of critical water safety education and fitness. Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of death from ages 1-4? Statistics show that 23% of child drownings happen during a family gathering near a pool. Our town’s location on the water means swim lessons are a crucial safety tool.

We know how important it is to receive lessons early on, which is why we're so busy during the spring and summer months. As the Hamptons population continues to increase, there is a higher demand for swim lessons. But, not everyone in the Hamptons has their own pool. Being a coastal community, there should be more access to water safety education programs.

The STAR AquaCenter is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the wellness and water safety of our beach community by providing an indoor pool and fitness facility. This center will offer programs and services to people of all ages, meaning families can continue swimming year-round! Parents are always asking us where they can find an indoor pool that is close to their homes to continue practicing after their lessons with our instructors end. This state-of-the-art facility will give our community access to water throughout the year. But most importantly, it will help prevent accidents and water safety emergencies by serving as a central hub for schools, individuals, clubs, instructors, and lifeguards.

The reasons why a public pool would benefit the Hamptons community are endless. Whether you're an adult looking to stay fit year-round or a child in need of water education, a public pool can provide new opportunities for everyone.


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