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Private Lessons vs. Group Lessons: What’s Best for my Child?

When looking to put your child in swim lessons, most parents want their child to learn to swim while also having fun. What parents aren’t always aware of is whether your child will learn better in a private or group lesson! The most important factors to help choose the best option for your child is their skill level, personality, and learning style.

We’ve provided our suggestions below to help you choose the best possible environment for your child to thrive in the water! 

Private Lessons:

  • Is your child a beginner?

If your child is a beginner, they might benefit from private lessons to focus on the basics and learn survival skills. 

  • Does your child get distracted?

If your child gets easily distracted by noise, movement, or other kids, they may benefit from a one on one environment to help them focus on skills.

  • Does your child get discouraged? 

If your child easily compares themselves to others or gets discouraged in group settings if they aren’t performing, being in a private lesson with an instructor can help build their confidence and create positive mindset techniques. 

  • Does your child have fears of the water?

If your child struggles with fears of the water and trusting others, private lessons will help the instructor create a stronger trust with the student to help them overcome their fears.

  • Do you have a flexible budget? 

Private lessons are more expensive but we see the greatest amount of progression with students who take lessons individually. Not only do they get one on one attention but the instructor can specifically create a class that works best for your child to succeed! 

Group Lessons: 

  • Does your child work well in group environments? 

If your child can thrive off of the energy of their peers and gain encouragement from others a group lesson may be perfect for helping them progress to the next level. 

  • Does your child know how to swim? 

If your child already knows the basics or how to swim, group lessons might be a great way to learn social swimming. How to perform and learn in a group setting can also help prepare them for school and other life situations where they’ll be around peers! 

  • Does your child want to swim recreationally? 

If your child is beyond the basics and enjoys the athletics of swimming, a group lesson can help prepare them for swim team or other aquatic sports. 

  • Do you need an affordable option?

Group lessons are more cost efficient and are a great way of keeping your child in swim lessons. 

Have more questions on what type of lesson would be best for your child? Contact us now to book the perfect lesson for your child!


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