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Hamptons Swim Water Polo

Hamptons Water Polo Lessons

Looking to find another aquatic activity for your kids this summer? We're excited to officially be offering water polo lessons for kids and adults looking to learn “Splash ball” the beginners developmental program or build upon their techniques! 

Water Polo lessons are offered for ages 6 years old to adults and are available in our Hamptons location. 

Service Highlights:

  • Level Up coordination in the water

  • Water Polo Party games available

  • Water Polo Lessons in the Hamptons

  • In Home and Mobile Water Polo Lessons

  • Private, Semi-Private, and Group Water Polo Lessons

  • Water Polo Lessons for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Check out our Water Polo Instructor and Water Polo Lesson Types below to learn about why you need to start Water Polo lessons this summer! 


 Meet Our Water Polo Instructor Kelli

Kelli is an experienced swimmer, water polo player, instructor and coach. Kelli has over 30 years experience teaching swimming and water polo to all age groups. Kelli competed on the United States National Women’s Water Polo Team for 9 years and was recently inducted into the United States Water Polo Hall of Fame.

Learn more about Kelli on our About Hamptons Team page and to book your next water polo lesson!


Private Lessons 

One on one lesson instruction with one student.

Semi-Private lessons 

Class instruction for two students who are similar in age and/or swim ability.  

Group lessons

Lesson for 3-4 students who are similar in age and/or swim ability. 

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