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Lifeguarding Services

Hire qualified and professional lifeguards for parties at home! Whether you're having a small gathering or a celebration, our lifeguards take preemptive safety measures to ensure everyone is protected. The Hamptons Swim Team has years of experience working as pool and ocean lifeguards, so we're able to provide the best experience for you and your guests. 

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Our lifeguards come trained and prepared to guard parties of any size. We require all of our guards to have updated certifications and come equipped with our tools and floatation devices necessary to allow you to enjoy your event with ease.

Depending on the age/skill level and number of swimmers we may suggest additional lifeguards to ensure the safety of all swimmers.


Visit our pricing/policies page below to learn more about what best works for you and book early for popular holidays!

Ocean Swim Lessons

Interested in becoming a stronger open water swimmer? As a coastal community we see the importance of learning how to swim in the pool as well as open water. Many of our instructors come with years of experience working as Lifeguards at the beach and can give you or your child the necessary knowledge to take your swimming to the next level! 

We have limited availability for ocean/beach lessons so contact us now to inquire about if ocean lessons are right for you. 

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