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Preparing for Fall Swim

As summer finally comes to an end, fall swim season can begin! Hamptons Swim is excited to begin lessons starting this September-October 2022. Hamptons Swim is geared up and ready to prepare everyone with some tips for swimming this fall.

Fall is perfect for continuing your progression from summer and keeping a strong routine of exercise. If you’re looking to start lessons with us this season or wondering what our cooler weather best practices are, see below for 3 important tips:


As Fall brings cooler weather, we want to make sure your pool is set to a warmer temperature to keep your swimmers comfortable. The warmer the water the longer we can enjoy the pool! All pool heaters are different, so parents should allow the pool to heat up the night before. As leaves will start to fall if you have a pool cover, closing it at night before lessons will ensure the pool stays clean and warm. Hamptons Swim suggests keeping the pool to at least 87 degrees to ensure happy and comfortable swimmers.


Taking into account the changing temperatures from morning to evening is important when scheduling lessons. September ranges from mid 60 degree temperatures starting at 7AM with a high of 75 around 2PM. Temperatures will drop to low 70’s later in the evening. October weather will bring high 60’s low 70’s weather mid day with temperatures dropping to low 60’s morning and evening. The Hamptons Swim team suggests checking the weather the night before and allowing ample time for your pool heater to warm up.


Your normal swim attire is great for summer but might not keep you or your child warm enough during fall swim. Which is why wetsuits and swim caps are perfect for this season! Not only are wetsuits meant to block the sun but will keep us warm throughout the lesson. Wetsuits are a great way to add extra comfort and warmth while swimming. Kids are recommended to get a wetsuit with 2-3mm thickness. Swim caps are also a great way to keep your head warm and comfortable through those fall breezes. Hamptons Swim suggests shopping local at Swim Outlet or Flying Point Surf in store or online to get extra swim gear.


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