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Hamptons Swim's Top 10 Favorite Swim Items

Now you can get all of our favorite swim gear and toys we use for our lessons at your home! Don't wait right before swim season now you can stock up on the best products to help you progress and have fun along your swim journey.

Check out our Top 10 Favorite Swim Items to Purchase this Holiday Season!

Nuby Sea Animal Bath Toys

These squirt bath toys are perfect for teaching introductory skills and creating a fun space to learn how to play in water. We use these during our lessons but great for any water environment.

Back Float Safety Swim Trainer

This swim backpack is great for helping your child become independent and confident on their own. Levels are great for helping progress each lesson.

VIAHART Kick Board with Handles

Perfect for all ages to help with with technique and stroke development. Easy soft handles are great for young kids to learn how to use their boards independently.

FINIS Long Floating Fins

The long blade is designed to increase leg strength and speed. While teaching swimmers to kick from their hips and not their knees.

Alepo Kids Swim Cap 2-Pack

With great elasticity, it's easy to take on/off without snagging hair, and it keeps the hair packed and tangle-free when swimming, ensuring a clear vision!

Aquasphere Swim Goggles

Comfort & quality for the Beginning Swimmers. Easy adjustable buckles and anti-fog treatment allow for your kids to get the most out of their lessons!

Speedo Girls One Piece Swim Suit

Choosing bright colored bathing suits and avoiding dark or blue colored suits helps keep your child safer and more visible in the water.

Speedo Adult Swim Training Pool Buoy

Elevates hips and legs to promote proper positioning, develops upper body strength, and allows swimmers to focus on stroke technique and rotation.

Supergoop! PLAY Everyday 50+ SPF Lotion

Reef-friendly, broad spectrum, body & face sunscreen for sensitive skin. Lotion is water & sweat resistant with clean ingredients.

Oceans 7 US Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket

This jacket's free range of motion allows your child to have free range of movement with their arms, while being safe to practice swim skills.


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