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How We Teach Different Age Groups 

When looking to book swim lessons for your child, you may wonder how our classes differ for each age group. At Hamptons Swim, we provide personalized lessons based on our students' age and experience. We break our lessons into three different levels - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced - with our play-based method and mindset techniques to give our students the elements they need for success!

Infant to Toddler (Beginner): For age groups that range from infant to toddler, students will learn how to feel comfortable in the water and how to safely enjoy it. Our instructors incorporate our play-based method by using lots of games, songs, and appealing to their individual interests to teach them the basics of survival swimming. This learn-to-swim age is crucial to creating a relationship with the water and our instructors are passionate about making the environment welcoming and fun to learn! 

5 Years and above (Intermediate): As students move past the learn-to-swim curriculum, which ranges from 5 years old and on, they can begin learning stroke development. When teaching strokes in swimming, our instructors will incorporate demonstrations and center lessons around perfecting the student’s technique. Stroke development can be difficult at first, especially when learning new ways to move in the water, which is why our instructors still incorporate the play-based method and positive mindsets to help our swimmers' confidence. 

Early Adolescence to Adult (Advanced): When moving forward in your swim journey, pre-teens and older students may be ready to receive advanced lessons. This is all about enhancing our students' skills to give them more proficiency in the water for recreational or athletic goals. Though some early adolescent and adult students may be learning to swim for the first time, those who have been receiving classes since they were infants will be able to choose if they would like to continue swimming for pleasure or competition. 

Whatever age you begin lessons, you are never too old to learn to swim! Our instructors know how to create classes in a way that will lead any age down a successful swim journey!


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