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How To Swim Safely on Vacation

It’s finally vacation season! Which means you or your family might be traveling somewhere there is water. When swimming on vacation it's important to create a plan to make sure yourself and your family have fun safely! Check out our Top 5 Favorite Tips to Swim Safely on Vacation. 

1. Swim at Designated Beaches 

If you’re on vacation somewhere, chances are you’ve never swum at those bays or oceans leaving you unfamiliar with their safety concerns. Swimming at a designated beach with lifeguards is crucial to help ensure you and your family can enjoy the water while staying protected. 

2. Research Open Water Dangers

If you’ve swum in more than one body of water you’d know that they are all different. So when swimming on vacation it’s important to stay updated on what dangers might be present in the water. Whether it’s rip currents, algae, or dangerous marine life it’s good to know what to expect before jumping in. 

3. Pool Safety Rules

This might be the first time since summer that you or your family have been around a pool, so it’s important to reinforce all the pool precautions and rules we go over in lessons. Make sure you and your family abide by the pool rules at your location and that you thoroughly survey the area before going in for a swim. Coming up with safe entry and exit procedures before allowing your kids in can ease the stress of swimming in a new pool. 

4. Safety Equipment for Water Sports or Activities

On vacation you may decide to go on a boat or book a water activity such as rafting. It’s always important to wear lifejackets and make sure you and your kids have the correct equipment to have fun safely. Renting or bringing your own life jackets, water shoes, hats, and sunscreen is always a good idea when traveling in a warm aquatic location! 

5. Never swim alone

It’s vacation, so there may be times you want to take a dip at your leisure. However, it’s crucial to never swim alone, wherever you are! Unfamiliar waters and environments are popular ways that you can unexpectedly put yourself at risk. Whether it’s the pool or beach, having someone with you or close by is the best way to ensure a relaxing and fun vacation!


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