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Hamptons Swim: Why You Should Choose Us

As many of you know, the Hamptons is a beachside community, the activities in and around the water are endless. Which means that knowing how to swim is essential for all who reside there. And finding the right swim instructor is key to learning how to swim! Hamptons Swim instructors specialize in building rapport with our students, ensuring their comfort and confidence in the water before starting instruction.

Our team of experienced instructors are experts at educating and engaging young and adult swimmers. A major part of our instruction centers around water safety, our number one priority. The instructors at Hamptons Swim have over 20 years of combined experience as ocean lifeguards and instructors. We're all veterans when it comes to protecting swimmers, whether they're enjoying a crowded beach or taking their first strokes in a pool. Hamptons Swim instructors are all insured and certified in First Aid, Water Safety & Instruction, CPR, and AED.

Starting swim lessons early helps young children learn skills and confidence in the water. All swimmers need a specific toolbox of skills in order to safely swim in the pool and or open bodies of water. Swim lessons do not make a child drown-proof; even experienced swimmers face risks. Our curriculum is designed to highlight the dangers and what to do in case of an emergency. We teach swimmers to know their abilities and how to protect themselves. Students learn best when they feel safe and trust their instructors.

Once we’ve gone over how to be in a pool safely, it’s time to have fun! Hamptons Swim believes in play-based teaching, which encourages a child’s learning through play and imagination. This child-centered, multi-sensory, and engaging method is a foundation of our lessons, which we then customize to fit each student’s needs, skill levels, and abilities.

Navigating the Covid-19 pandemic while also protecting our students and instructors was a unique experience. We took extra precautions during our lessons and are proud to say that we were able to continue teaching during the summer and fall seasons. We are prepared to continue these precautions as long as necessary to ensure our community feels comfortable. While we prepare for the new season, it is important to take time to look back on previous years and be thankful for the opportunities and growth it’s brought us.

Our team is here to help with anything you need, from figuring out the right setting for your pool-heater to helping pick out the best wet-suit. Out of the pool, we practice a holistic mindset and approach to swimming. Sun protection, nutrition, and immune health are all part of being a happy and healthy swimmer. Reach out to us with any questions about the products we love!

Whether your family is new to the Hamptons or if you’ve known us for years, we look forward to being a part of your next swim journey!


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