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Why It's Best to Learn to Swim at a Young Age

There are many benefits to learning to swim, the biggest being that it’s a life saving skill! Which is why learning to swim at a young age can help keep your child safe, eliminate fear of the water, have faster technique progression, and develop school smarts. At Hamptons Swim, we believe swimming is an essential life skill and in giving your child access to that knowledge early to empower their lives! 


Learning to swim at a young age can help prevent emergencies in and around the water. Drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional, injury-related death among children ages 1 to 14. Starting your child in classes as early as 6 months can teach important life saving skills and prepare them for the learn to swim program. 

Eliminate Fear of the Water

Taking swim lessons at a young age can help your child create a healthy relationship with the water. One of the most difficult things to overcome in swimming lessons is water trauma. Which is why beginning your child in lessons early and allowing them to safely enjoy the water can prevent any water fears from arising. Our instructors at Hamptons Swim want to create a space that our students can explore, develop, and learn because swimming is fun!

Technique Progression

A nice benefit of learning to swim at an early age is that your child has the opportunity to learn at their own pace and build on techniques faster. If they were introduced to swimming as infants, they will most likely already be more comfortable in the water while also knowing some crucial basic swimming skills.

Why it's best to learn to swim at a young age

Developing School Smarts

If you haven’t read our blog Swim Lessons Make The Grade, it’s all about how swim lessons make your child smarter! Swimming involves lots of problem solving which gives kids an edge in school on how to complete work. Swim lessons, while also stimulating your child's mind & body, can help them be better students with a teacher and their classmates. Learning from an instructor teaches strong listening skills and how to be more social in school.

Thank you for reading "Why It's Best to Learn to Swim at a Young Age." Interested to learn more about how swimming at an early age can help your child? Contact us now to inquire or book your next lesson to begin your child's swim journey!


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