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Swim Lessons Make the Grade

We all know that getting your toddler started with swim lessons early on is important for them to learn valuable swim and safety skills. However, most parents don’t know that swimming lessons can help kids prepare socially and developmentally for pre-school. A lot of what a child learns during a lesson can be transferred to other social situations, including school!

Developmental Benefits:

We believe that swim lessons should be a part of every parents’ preschool prep process. Lessons teach safety skills both in and out of the water, and they can help advance developmental skills that are useful in a classroom setting. By working with their instructors, children will learn to follow directions, develop better listening skills, and understand the importance of respecting rules set by an adult. Not only do lessons help developmentally, but they can also make a big impact socially!

Social Benefits:

Swim lessons can have a positive impact on how a child adapts to pre-school by improving their social skills. If your child is in a semi-private or group lesson, it gives them an extra boost to get socially ready for the classroom! Children will get a chance to socialize with and learn from an adult other than their parents. This type of interaction can grow a child’s confidence through positive feedback and encouragement.

Educational Benefits:

Lessons are also an opportunity for your child to have one of their first learning experiences in an exciting environment like the pool. By creating a positive association with learning, lessons can show children that learning is fun and engaging! When moving into the classroom, they can bring that same positive attitude and confidence with them.

Enrolling your child in swim lessons can have a positive impact that extends past the swimming pool. Lessons can encourage their developmental skills and social growth, as well as building confidence and independence. All of these benefits will be helpful to have in their backpack when they head off to preschool!


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