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How to Prepare Toddlers to Swim

Preparing toddlers for swim lessons is more important than you might think! Not only can they help your child acclimate more quickly to their new aquatic environment, but they can also help alleviate any anxiety they might experience in their new lessons. See our four easy tips below:   

1) Prepare kids in the bathtub

Did you know that you can introduce basic water safety skills right in your tub at home? Teaching your child things like blowing bubbles can help them learn to exhale and keep their face in the water. You can also teach them to hold their breath and open their eyes underwater while lying face-down in the bathtub. Bring in bath toys and make it playful!

2) Explain how the classes work through roleplay

At Hamptons Swim we invite the swimmer to engage in roleplay and other play-based activities to inform how the lesson progresses. Discuss with your child what they will do in swim lessons to get them comfortable more quickly and ignite their imagination. Pretend play about what the pool might look like and what they might do during swim lessons can get them in the habit of utilizing their imagination.  Allow your child to pretend to be the teacher and have them show you some swim skills they hope to learn. Anticipating what the lesson will look and feel like will help them to become more comfortable more quickly.

3) Arrive Early for the swim lesson 

Is your child a bit apprehensive about meeting a new teacher, visiting a new place, and/or trying a new activity? If the lesson is at a facility, arrive early to your lesson to give them space to explore. Try to find your instructor and introduce yourself. If the lesson is at your home, ensure the child is fully prepared (with sunscreen applied, in proper attire, and any toys they’d like to enjoy during the lesson). A child will succeed faster once they feel comfortable.   

4) Read books about swimming 

Reading books to your child aloud not only has educational benefits, but it can help prepare your child to swim too! Cozying up to a book at bedtime can start meaningful conversations about water safety, address facing challenges in the pool, and help them to become a comfortable and successful swimmer. Check out our Amazon Affiliate links for recommended swim books! 


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