• Hamptons Swim Team

It’s Never To Late To Learn To Swim

When you think of swim lessons, an image of a crowded public pool filled with kids might come to mind. But what if you don’t live close enough to an indoor pool? Or what if you were nervous to begin or continue lessons? There are many reasons for people being either scared or intimidated to learn how to swim, especially as adults. This might make you feel that it’s too late for you to learn, but it’s never too late to swim!

Whether you’ve never had lessons or it’s been years, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before beginning your swim journey. Here are a few tricks and practices to know as you begin lessons:


Building trust can be difficult, especially when learning to adapt to water while overcoming different obstacles and fears. Finding an instructor to create a trusting and authentic relationship with can help you get more comfortable in the water and actually progress faster in lessons! At Hamptons Swim, our number one goal is to create strong relationships with our students, making it easier for swimmers to trust our instructors and themselves as they begin to independently swim.


Learning to swim can be scary especially if you’re not used to being in a pool or by open water. Getting comfortable in the water is a great step to help boost your confidence during lessons. Before your lessons, try to get in the pool beforehand and use play to begin creating a relationship with the water. It’s important to have fun and learn that the water is a place to connect with yourself and explore. By associating water with a welcoming fun environment, lessons will be more enjoyable, allowing you to take more risks to push yourself. We are capable of anything and a little confidence can go a long way in swim lessons.


If you feel embarrassed learning how to swim as an adult, you might decide to swim alone when practicing skills. You should NEVER swim alone, even if you’re a decent swimmer. We always suggest swimming in pairs or going to a pool where there is a lifeguard present, especially when you’re in the beginning stages of learning.


Having the right swim attire and gear can help you become more comfortable and better your practice. If you’re swimming in a chlorinated pool, goggles are a great way of getting comfortable putting your face in the water and practicing techniques to develop your stroke. Kickboards are another great tool when wanting to practice without an instructor. Check out our other blog post, Holiday Gift Guide for Swimmers, for our favorite brands.


One of the most important things to remind yourself is to be patient and kind to yourself, everyone learns at their own pace! You might think that after a couple of lessons you should be doing laps but the truth is the more you practice over time the better you will get. Every lesson you take is empowering you with the knowledge and tools to save yourself. As you begin, it can be frustrating, especially as an adult, but remember to stay positive and enjoy every lesson on your swim journey!