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Can I "Drown-Proof" My Child?

When beginning to enroll in swim lessons, you may hear the term “drown-proofing” when talking about baby swim classes. This often gives the parents the idea that there might be a way to magically protect their child from drowning with a couple of classes. The truth is that no one is ever 100% protected from a drowning incident. Whether you are a skilled child or an adult, drowning can happen in many different circumstances. Which is why learning how to swim and important water safety measures are your best defenses in a water emergency.

Infant swim and “drown-proofing”

Now knowing that you can’t fully “drown-proof” your child, you shouldn’t be deterred from joining baby swim lessons! Although “drown-proofing” (similar to ISR) focuses on survival skills, it doesn't provide students with the right techniques to swim. Infant swim allows students to connect with the water, while also learning the fundamental skills they will need in the early swim stages.

Safety precautions and “drown-proofing”

The issue when taking your child to “drown-proof” classes is that you may feel that other safety precautions aren’t needed by the pool. Both teaching kids early on pool/water safety, while also creating preventative measures to ensure their safety are the best ways to prevent water emergencies. Even if your child has been through “drown-proof” classes, that doesn’t mean they should ever be left unattended..

Swim lessons over “drown-proofing”

The “drown-proofing” method focuses more on floating techniques than swimming. Swim lessons teach you how to float, conserve energy, and swim to safety. “Drown-proofing” techniques may not always stick after the training period is over. Whereas, swim lessons provide you with techniques and knowledge to bring with you year after year, making it the best choice when looking for beginner swim classes.

So if you are looking into how to “drown-proof” your child, consider all the skills they need to give them the best possible chance for success in the water. The answer is start swimming lessons today!

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