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Holiday Gift Guide for Swimmers

Whether you’re swimming indoors or eagerly awaiting summer, now is the perfect time to stock up on all of your swim gear needs! Our clients are always asking us where we get our favorite items and now you’ll know exactly where to find them. Gift the swimmer in your life something they can't wait to use in 2022!

1. Swimsuits: Flying Point Surf Shop

If you’ve been to the Hamptons you’ve probably been to Flying Point Surf Shop, the one stop shop for all of your swim, beach, and boho fit needs. Shop locally this holiday and get your new favorite swimsuits on sale! Whether you're shopping for an adult or a child, they have something for everyone this season.

2. Skincare: Evereden

Sunscreen is something we only tend to think about during summer or when we’re on holiday. Skincare should be a priority year round! Which is why Evereden provides safe skincare products for babies, children, and moms to hydrate and protect your skin between lessons. Made by Moms in Medicine, they offer beautiful and high quality products perfect to gift this winter. Subscribe and get 10% off every order!

3. Pool/Bath Toys: Stevenson’s Toys

Shop local and update your pool/bath toy collection with these adorable sets from Stevenson’s. Our students love these bath squirters and they’re a great way to keep your child practicing skills in the bathtub all season long. Watch how continuing play in water gets your little one excited for more lessons this summer!

4. Kick-boards: VIAHART

All of our instructors are equipped with kick-boards for each lesson and these VIAHART boards with handles are by far our favorite. They’re perfect for adults and children looking to perfect their kick and practice drills. Not only do these help encourage practicing skills, but they’re a great way to build endurance and strength. The swimmer in your life will use this all summer long!

5. Goggles: Aqua Sphere

Whether you're learning to swim or looking to swim for recreation, goggles can help you get more comfortable and swim longer in the water. We always suggest beginning to learn without them for safety reasons but as you or your child consistently continues with lessons goggles can make a huge difference. Our favorite goggle brand for all ages is Aqua Sphere hands down. They have amazing and quality goggles for everyone in the family. Grab a new pair of goggles for this upcoming summer and raise your swim game to the next level!


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